Academic Coaching

Time and again we work with students who are not performing at their best. The grades they are achieving are not reflective of their abilities.

Our strength is our academic/business experience and coaching skills. We draw on this experience and these skills to work with you at both a personal and an intellectual level. Time and again we see individuals improving their performance with the right kind of discipline and guidance.

It often happens that as individuals we become used to doing work in certain set ways. In schools, colleges and universities, new knowledge is learnt but there is almost no opportunity to reflect on the quality of work and address qualitative issues. In the course of our coaching work we often come across people who do not understand the requirements of assigned work or what they are going to be examined on.

The best preparation always builds on knowing what candidates will be examined on and then laying out a rigorous programme of study. It is also important to have knowledge of good examination techniques. These include how to understand what the exam questions have asked and then how to display your knowledge to the examiner.