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Types of Coaching

Accentor Coaching offers two forms of coaching: personal/business development and academic excellence.

In personal coaching no particular knowledge domain is involved. The coachee chooses the area of personal development they want to focus on and we work with them to improve their performance.

In academic coaching we focus on our areas of expertise, which include accounting, business, mathematics, statistics, writing and research skills.

Human beings have an innate ability to develop themselves in ways that bring happiness and satisfaction. Often we undertake tasks by seeking information, analysing it and then using it. However, in situations where performance is suboptimal, coaching can be very useful. An experienced coach can help a coachee articulate their thoughts and feelings and explore alternative ways of doing things.

Performance Coaching is a flexibly tailored programme designed to increase personal performance, accelerate insights, enhance skills and provide behavioural insights.

As coaches we work with professionals and managers to help them reach their personal and organisational goals. Our business experience and work with individuals help us understand the leadership, management and communication challenges facing today’s managers, and we support and challenge people to exceed their objectives and reach their full potential.

Scope of Our Work

We work with students all the way from identifying research questions, review of the literature, identification of appropriate research methodology, constructing questionnaires, collecting data and analysing data to writing up the results.